Aloha! Here at Scrub A Dub we love your pet like they are ours. Grooming day can be very stressful for pets when there is up to 10 dogs barking ,we do everything possible to give your pet a stress free  grooming experience. That's why we only take one dog at a time your pets appointment time is only for him or her the shop is filled with aroma therapy!sometimes we play soft music or they can watch TV while they get groomed and you would never guess how many of our 4 legged clients like to watch TV. Normally grooming takes 2 to 2 1/2 hrs depending on the pet and the coat. New clients are given up to 3 hrs so that the pet can become comfortable with us and the shop. Once your pet is done they are allowed to roam free in the grooming room with us until you pick them up. We are a kennel free shop and your pet will be with us on the floor and not put into a kennel unless you are not able to pick your dog up before our next client arrives and this is for there protection only. Here at Scrub A Dub we only take dogs under 30 lbs. We offer many extras that you will not find in other grooming shops such as Micro bubble baths , sugar and salt scrubs, Blueberry facial, Hydro baths and more. So give us a call when you are ready to give your pet the best pampering groom they have ever had. Mahalo!



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